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Why Photobooth


Why should I have a photo booth at my party? What’s so great about it? How does it work?
A photo booth will be the highlight of your event! There is nothing guests like doing more than taking fun pictures with their friends that they can take home with them immediately. Especially so when they are all dressed up!

All your guests will be thrilled with our amazing picture quality and speedy printing of the photos. The best part is, it really is FUN for all ages! Your parents and grandparents will reminisce about how they took pictures in a photo booth back in the good old days. Children will be grabbing all their friends and cram up in the booth for silly pictures that will last a lifetime. Your guests will be thrilled to discover that they can take as many pictures as they want for FREE! Yup, you read it right…..when you hire our photo booth and take up a package, you receive an UNLIMITED amount of pictures at no additional cost!

Photo booth photographs also make wonderful gifts. Beforehand, you can take photos of the happy newlyweds, or the beautiful birthday girl, frame them, and give them away as gifts or souvenirs. We can also provide soft copies of the pictures for you so you may upload them onto your own online album to share with your guests.

RM1399 RM1100
(if bundle with our ActualDay P.ONE package)

3 hours photo booth service
Unlimited 2R prints
Fun props accessories
Standard Backdrop
Online Private gallery
Social Sharing (email / Facebook)

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1. How do we get the booth to our event?
Please fill out your event information here and if your event suits our photobooth we will deliver the photobooth to you on that day before the event starts. We have two photobooth operators handling the photobooth throughout the event. Our operators will deliver the booth, set it up and pack it all away once your event is finished.

2. How big is the photobooth?
The photobooth measures at 6”Wx7”Lx8”H.

3. How many people can we fit in the photobooth?
The photobooth can comfortably fit up to 5-6 people in a frame.

4. How does the booth works?
Our photobooth operators will assist you. The photobooth takes a series of 4 photos and at the end of the process; your pictures will be displayed on the screen. The photos are then printed within seconds and collected from the booth. And you can email your photo on the spot.

5. What are the things that I should be aware about the photobooth?
The photobooth operates better in closed room. For safety purposes, we do not encourage outdoor locations for the photobooth. In addition, the photobooth must be located near to a power supply plug.

6. How long can I hire the booth?
We offer 2,3 and 4 hours photo booth service. If you require more than 4 hours service, just drop us an email.

7. What type of pictures does the photobooth print? Any colour options?
During your booking for our photobooth, you have 7 choices of frame you can choose from.

8. Do you provide props along with the photobooth? Do we need to pay extra?
Yes we do provide props with the photobooth and you do not have to pay for it.

9. When do we get the photos?
The photobooth prints the photo immediately. The photo memory from the photobooth will be given to the customer within 3 days from the event in the form of a disc*. Your guests will also get to view their pictures in the gallery by logging in with a username and password provided to the person who rents the photobooth. With permission from the host, your pictures are also to be displayed on our Photobooth Events Facebook page.

*The disc will be couriered to you.

10. Can we print the same photo more than once?
Unfortunately, the photobooth does not print the same picture again. But you are always welcome to retake your picture.

11. Do guests need to pay to use the photobooth? Are the photos free of charge?
If you take up our package, upon rental of the photo booth, your guests do not need to pay for their photo. You can take as many pictures as you wish during that rental.

12. Do we need to pay extra if the film finishes?
No you do not have to pay for an extra roll in order to take more pictures. Once your film is finished, our operators will change another roll for you.

13. Does the photo booth have any memory data as we wish to keep soft copies of our pictures?
Yes it does! The photobooth is able to store all its pictures. We will copy these pictures to a disc for you to keep. The disc will be couriered to you.

14. How do I gain access to the online gallery?
After the event, we will email you the link to your pictures from the event.

15. Can you ship the photobooth for an event outside Penang?
At the moment we would only rent to events in Penang, Kedah, Ipoh and KL. We have the rights to turn down an event if the location is not suitable for the booth. We will look into renting our photo booth to events to the remaining states in the near future.

16. What happens if the photobooth breaks down in the middle of the event?
Not to worry as our operators will be there to assist you. We will run the photobooth an extra few minutes depending on how long it has been down. In the event the photobooth problem could not be solved, the management will decide if there is an error in the systems while in rental and will credit you back the hours. In the event that you were responsible for defecting the machine, you have to pay for the repair cost.

17. How far in advance we should book?
To secure the booking, please book our photo booth at least 4 weeks in advance before the event. If there happens to be another event on the same day, we will reserve the photo booth to the person who makes a full payment first for the photo booth.

18. After I submit my details, how about the payment?
We will email you the payment details once we receive your booking. However, we will not guarantee you the photobooth availability unless a deposit of 50% payment has been made. We accept cheque or online bank in.

19. How to contact us?
Please fill out the inquiry form here and we will email you back within 48 hours (working hours).