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Kevin & Allysa

John is a very professional, talented and responsible photographer who are also very passionate about his job. We are really glad to have him in our special day. John, we just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job for our wedding day. It has certainly brought us beautiful memories as you managed to capture the special and important moments. We are truly impressed and delighted with the quality of work produced by you. You are a gifted-photographer, keep up the good work!

George & Marleen

Hi JOHN, We just can’t stop looking at all our wedding pictures – you did such an amazing job capturing all the beautiful moments of our wedding. We knew you would do a wonderful job, but We’re truly blown away by the shots you got. We love the emotion, seeing the shots of our family and friends together, We just keep staring. Thank you so much for all the work and detail you put into capturing our wedding. We feel like you made these pictures into works of art. These pictures make us so happy – thank you so very, very much. :)

Suryo & Holly (Australia)

Hi John
The more I look at your photos, the more fortunate I am that you were our wedding photographer. You have done such a wonderful job with the gallery, such a good selection. You are a real talent and my family is forever grateful you were a part of a very special day. I loved how you captured the wine theme. It is indeed an integral part of our family life. Also, you accurately and beautifully captured my ‘something old, new, borrowed, blue’. Thank you so much.

Aik Pin & Huang Jin (Penang, Malaysia)

Been having trouble finding the perfect fancy words to comment on your work. Guess this is the downside of not choosing English literature as a major.
But really, I don’t think I need to use any of those.
Family and friends have commented on numerous occasions on how HAPPY and LOVED I looked in the photos. And I was exactly that on my wedding day.
We are truly grateful that you preserved one of our joyous moments in life. Pin and I really appreciate the amazing work you did. Thank you!

Kenneth & Wenny (Taiping, Perak)

Our wedding – when we first started looking for a photographer, we wanted someone who could meet our fussy needs. Professional, natural photography style, punctual and most importantly someone who wouldn’t run away with our deposit. Although it isn’t common but some of the old folks within the family had their own piece of mind. Comments about the price and worries about the cost was brought up to between the olden days(when dinosaurs got married) compared to recent times. Somehow we had to ignore them once in a while and went on with our decision.

When we first met up with John, he was very clear with his work and he knew what we wanted. We knew at that instance he was our guy. John also showed us some of his work from a recent album and we liked all his work, especially after comparing some work from other photographers prior to our meet up.(sorry John) 😛

On our Wedding day, He was there even before I work up. He had to wait and mingle around before we started anything. I felt a little ashamed that he had to wait for us, but it only showed his commitment to his work. He accompanied my wife and her brides maids with their prep and his partner had some shots with me preparing as well.  We both lived in normal looking homes and didn’t have much time to clear things up but he made them look really nice.

The morning went by and in the afternoon he accompanied us to a nearby park to take a few shots with my brothers and the bridesmaids and of course some with my wife. They were all lovely. I only wished I had worked a little on my weight before the wedding.

In the evening was our reception dinner and John had prepared a slide from the morning. To me that was the moment we were really waiting for as it will be our first glimpse on his work for our wedding. The choice of song was perfect the photographs were amazing, I can’t say anything else by a smile and all thumbs up.

I guess in many cases we hear how some weddings may turn into a horror especially when it comes to photos, but I assure to whoever deciding to engage John…. Think no more and just hire him. To us he was the best choice for our wedding. Even till now we look back at our photos and still relive the memories we had on our beautiful day. Truly the best thing that happened to us, and I managed to keep to old folks quite and happy. Cheers.

Chin Huat & Yann Tyng (Penang, Malaysia)

It all started in March this year when my wife and I were looking for a wedding photographer for our wedding in August. It was a tough job though as most of the portfolios we saw online didn’t really meet our expectations, till we found Yin Photography. We looked over their portfolios and we said to each other, Yes! This is the one!

Then, everything started to take place. We e-mailed John our wedding details and we met for the first time to discuss. He is good and “easy-to-go” with kind of person. So, we came to agreement what we need for the wedding day and waited for the day to come.

11th of August, the day came. All I can say is they (John & Boey) did a job well done. We did receive plus plus feedbacks from family members, friends & relatives too.

Well, I guess my words can’t do much judgement. Their photos speak a thousand words.

Thank you very much John & Boey from both us. It’s really nice meeting you guys. 🙂

Raymond & Jennifer (Penang, Malaysia)

Messeage from Raymond

Dear John,

 Many thanks to you and your team for performing a fantastic job and delivering the results which we had hoped for our wedding. Your personal attention to every detail/moment of our wedding was astounding as you’ve managed to capture the wonderful moments which my wife and i didn’t even recall. In addition, we wish to thank you for your patience and flexibility in attending to our unreasonable requests during our wedding. We are grateful and looking back, we have not once regretted engaging you.

 I will definitely recommend you to those wishing to engage a photographer.

Message From Jennifer

In addition to the above, I would like to commend both you and your team for all the painstaking effort in capturing our perfect shots, even if it means lying on the ground and dirtying yourselves in the process! You and your team have definitely displayed your professionalism in many ways, e.g. spending time to getting to know your subjects, being on time, well-dressed, always within our reach (I reckoned both of you were starving at both dinners L) and etc which are really valued by us, not to mention that you both are equipped with excellent photography skills (understood from many guests that the lighting at 1 of the dinners was too dim and their pictures didn’t really turn out well, but ours turned out great!)J

 All in all, we will definitely recommend you without reservations!

Nick & Cheryl (Penang, Malaysia)

Just saw my ROM dvd… awesome pics… well done John ! Thank u once again.

Nor Fatin & Kamal Kamaruddin (Penang, Malaysia)

I’m very satisfied for all the photos taken by Yin Photography. All of my friends like my picture very much. Money well invested.

Frankie & Hooi Thien (Penang, Malaysia)

We really want to thank Yin Photography for a good job well done!  The style, the colour & the feel are indeed what we are looking for.  They are so natural and touch our heart.  Almost all our family members, relatives & friends gave a thumb up to Yin, saying they are very friendly, tactful & professional! Once again a big thank you to the crew of Yin – John & Jimmy.

Stefanie & Kenny (Penang, Malaysia)

Being first-timers at professional photoshoots, we were inevitably uncomfortable being in front of the lens at our pre-wedding photography session. Nevertheless, the lovely team headed by John calmed the nerves and in no time, the nervousness melted away like icebergs in the oven. The team’s professionalism and enthusiastic persona were remarkable making June 26, 2011 a date to remember. We look forward to having John & company at our wedding day to capture the moments we want to freeze in our memories forever. To the force behind Yin Photography, we thank you for being such an integral part in my and Kenny’s journey to matrimony.

Jin & Nick (United Kingdom)

Whilst my husband and I live in the UK, we decided to have our wedding in Penang. Whilst organizing everything from overseas was tough, John Chan of Yin Photography made arranging the wedding photographers smooth and stress-free. We corresponded by e-mail, and John was both efficient and helpful in his replies.

We finally got to meet John on the day of the wedding. Despite all the chaos going on during preparation, he and his co-cameraman stayed cool and calm. The portrait session before the wedding was an enjoyable experience, thanks to John’s relaxed but professional attitude and his wealth of creative ideas and poses. Throughout the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards, he and his colleague took pictures of all the proceedings in such a discreet way, the guests barely noticed he was there — a great opportunity to catch some lovely candid moments!

We have just received the photo album and images on DVD, and we are stunned by the quality of the images. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Everybody who has seen them have commented on how lovely they are, and now our biggest problem is deciding which ones to print out — diffucult with so many wonderful pictures to choose from!

Yin Photography has surpassed all our expectations. They offer high quality and professionalism without charging an arm and a leg, and we are so grateful to them for having captured the beautiful moments that made our special day that much more memorable.

Calvin & Bee Leng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

We can’t thank John and his assistant (Jimmy) enough for the pre wedding photo shots taken.Not only us, but all of our friends and family love it so much. So whenever they ask us who took the shots? Our quick reply was “Check Yin Photography out, you must talk to John”

John has shown us great passion and professionalism throughout the shooting session. We remembered it was raining on our shooting day, the traffic was terrible; despite all these, he made us enjoyed the day.His photos were able to frame the moment, we actually says “Gosh, these are actually us in real life!”The album was a job well done, he has done great story telling through the album design. These are the shots that we will look at over and over again; we assure the album will never end up tucking away below our bed.We look forward to your photo shooting on our actual day.